Fekr Business Educational Center

Management Diploma


Management Diploma:

  • Due to continuous growth of projects and increasing of their complexity, it is now highly required in the job market that all employees should have management knowledge and skills; in order to deliver successful project and obtain customer satisfaction.
  • Management is very Important and it is the core knowledge & skills you will need to succeed in any business or even in personal life
  • Management is a knowledge and skills that needs to be learned you don’t get born as a manager But you need to learn and practice to be a manager

New Concept of Education:

  • We use new way of education, we DO practice
  • We are not doing the traditional way of a teacher, student and exam
  • We use Case studies – Group discussions – Games – Exercises – Videos – Business challenges from reality – Projects- Presentations.

Who should apply?

  • Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Employees want to upgrade
  • Fresh graduate

Diploma Content:

  • Introduction to Management.                     * Organizational Behavior 
  • Strategic Management.                              * Organizational Development      
  • Operation Management                             * International Management
  • Supply Chain & Feasibility Study                           

Diploma Specifications:

  • Hours :  60 Hours ( 3 hrs – Twice a week – 2 months )
  • Cost     :  1200 LE