Fekr Business Educational Center

About Us


Fekr business educational center is Educational, training and consulting firm that was founded by group of international MBA holders from USA & Malaysia. From the responsibility they had over their shoulders towards their society and their country as well-educated people they have decided to deliver this experience to the Egyptian community trying to help others to develop themselves, helping them to achieve their goal and to produce qualified leaders who will shape the future of Egypt.

Our Mission:

“Liberating & Educating Minds”

Our Teaching approach:

“We are not teaching others, we are inspiring them”
“Learning Must be fun and joyful process”
“We don’t give only education, we give value”
“We Go Crazy ”
“We Give Morals”

Our Slogan:

“We deliver value”

Our Staff:

- Dr. Osama Hassan                              MBA – USA
– Dr. Amr hafez                                      MBA – Malyisia
– Dr. Mohamed Sabry                            MBA – USA
– Dr. Amr Adel Ghazawy                       MBA – Malyisia
– Dr. Moaz El-Dawi                                CMA – CFA
– Miss. Hannan Al-arabi                        English instructor
– Miss. Layla Nunnery                           English instructor
– Mohamed Hosny                                Soft skills trainer